Debugging assistant for web developers

Bugshare automatically searches the web for solutions to your developer errors, so you can get back to coding.

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How does bugshare work?

Before you get started, make sure you have the browser extension installed

1. You break something

Bugshare is able to detect if you have a developer exception page in your web browser.


2. Help is on its way

If you or someone else has posted a solution to a similar exception, bugshare will automatically find the most relevant ones for you.


3. You fix it

Bugshare knows when your exception has been fixed and will ask you to explain how you fixed it. The feedback you give is then used to help others with a similar exception.


Powerful analytics to help you track and measure impact

Bugshare is data-driven at its core, so you'll have access to powerful insights and analytics that shows the impact it's having on your team. Learn more

Real-time data
Measure impact
Measure productivity
Measure cost savings

Benefits of using Bugshare

Knowledge sharing

Reduce loss of know-how by capturing explicit and tactic knowledge

Saves time

Spend less time trying to solve an issue that has been solved before

Perfect for remote teams

Keep your team on the same page even while working from home.

Improved productivity

Less time spent fixing bugs and more time building awesome stuff

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